Web Hosting: Once your website has been designed, it must be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet. We host our websites at data centers in Mississauga ON, Toronto ON, and Vancouver BC. These data centers are monitored 24hrs per day, 365 days per year to ensure a 99.9% or greater uptime.

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Our Data Management technology englobe: Data Access, Erasure, Recovery, Privacy and Security.

We develop a system to plan, execute and supervise your business data as a resource. We setup policies to protect and control the use and flow of your data. We save, keep and ensure zero data loss with best practices of data recovery and protection both onsite and offsite.

Data Security & Recovery Technology
Our technology in data management services considers the importance of your data from the oldest types of media to the latest. Contact us even for your least personal need of data recovery, from any type of media.

System Recovery
Search Enterprise Linux introduces the concept of Adaptable System Recovery (ASR) for Linux systems. Find out how this technology makes it possible to adapt a system backup to fit new hardware that isn't identical to the original system.

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Dell Blue Tooth Wireless Keyboard
Enhance your multimedia and internet experience with the Bluetooth® Keyboard and Mouse Bundle from Dell™. It includes a multimedia keyboard, a 7-button programmable mouse, and a Bluetooth® 2.0 USB receiver.

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Secure Business Email: The Five Steps
Podcast: According to a recent report by IDC, person to person business emails will top 6.62 trillion messages this year. Add to that number another 54 trillion messages that will be comprised of spam.

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